Students will use their existing HTML and CSS skills to create pages and websites with greater focus on interactivity and professional design.  This includes an introduction to Javascript and basic web server management.  Students will also have the opportunity to mentor peers who are new to HTML and CSS.

Students will explore modern web page design using HTML and CSS.  They will use images, backgrounds, colors, fonts, and other styles to create visually interesting pages and simple websites.

Explore a variety of important computer science topics in a fun and engaging way! Learn more about how computers and technology are used in; problem solving, web development, animations and games, the design process, data and society, and physical computing. This course is a prerequisite to other Computer Technology courses.

A gentle introduction to the C-style programming languages through the use of 3D environments, games, and animations. Students will use a visual game editor such as Unity or Unreal with increasing emphasis on written code as the course progresses. Prior enrollment in 3D Design and Animation is helpful, but not required.