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What is the length of the gap?   

Exactly 36"

What materials can you use?   

Building Materials
3-1/2” x 1/4” Rubber Bands
3” x 5” Notecard
1-1/4” Paper Clips
1-3/4” Paper Clips
8.5 x 11” Paper (18-25lb)
Popsicle Sticks
Masking Tape

Colored Pencils
Round Stic Pen
#2 Pencil

How many botcoins do you receive?   

You may use a maximum of 30,000 botcoins.

How much weight must the bridge hold?   

It must hold itself as a minimum.

Do we need to use a specific type of design?   

No. You can use any bridge design. However, your bridge may only touch the platforms on either side of the gap and cannot be attached to them.

What are dimensions of popsicle sticks?   

3/8" wide x 1/16" x 4 1/2" long

What are the weights?   
 Weight Tier   Unit Type  Unit Weight 
Light 1/4" Nuts~3 grams
Medium 3/8" Nuts~9 grams 
Heavy1/2" Nuts ~16 grams
 Extreme 3/4" Nuts ~31 grams 
This is nuts...
no pun intended 
1" Nuts ~119 grams
How much do building materials weigh?   
Item Approx. Weight
 1 Rubber Band   1.5g
1 Notecard  1.4g
12" String 0.5g
12" Tape 0.8g
Sm Clip 0.4g
Lg Clip 0.9g
Popsicle Stick 1.5g
 Paper 4.5g 
Is there anyway to get a discount?   


Where are the hex nuts placed?   

Weights will be placed in the middle of the bridge. 

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